Private Sector Clients

“Sometime late 2018 I approached J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning primary to help support The Linde Group in the re-zoning of a property where The Linde Group proposed to install a carbon dioxide liquefaction plant in Keyes, CA. Apart from the re-zoning we also retained the services of J.B. Anderson for the land subdivision and related processes through the Stanislaus County. I simply searched online and started the discussion with J.B. Anderson without knowing what to expect only to later realize that I indeed approached the perfect entity for our needs. It was long process with the county but J.B. Anderson through their expertise and thorough knowledge and understanding of the all segments of Land Use planning made the experience totally stress free. The staff are highly competent and very professional. I strongly recommend J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning for any Land Use and related planning needs.”


Audie Chong
Principal Project Manager, PMP

The Linde Group

“I have worked with J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning for over twenty years. Initially, I approached J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning because I was in need of planning services for a Raymus Development project in Linden. One thing I liked was their commitment to professionalism. I found the experience very stress-free. I was able to explain my needs and concerns with John and his employees and go on with my other projects, knowing that things would be done correctly and completely. I would recommend J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning to people who need Forward Planning, Plan Development Application Processing or any Land Use Planning service.”


Toni Raymus
Raymus Homes

Since 2002, JKB Homes, Corp. has worked with J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning on a variety of development projects within the Counties of Stanislaus and Merced.  Notably, J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning provided professional Planning services for projects in the Cities of Turlock, Oakdale, Hughson, Patterson, and Ripon, just to name a few.  J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning staff’s ability to navigate the land use entitlement and permit process at a Federal, State, and local level, has, and continues to, far exceed our expectations.


James Brenda
JKB Homes Corp.

Public Sector Clients

“Dear JBAP Staff,


Your Annual Housing Element Report was well presented and detailed for us to understand and make meaning of such a complex report…. Counsel popped a few questions and you were prompt and quick to answer them. Which means that you are well acquainted with the material.


Thank you!”


Mr. Jose M. Aldaco, Mayor

City of Waterford

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with JB Anderson Planning. They have helped the City of Oakdale successfully navigate the planning and approval of significant specific plan areas and several complex development projects. Their customer service is excellent, and they have served the community of Oakdale extremely well.”


Bryan Whitemyer
City Manager
City of Oakdale

The City of Oakdale retained the professional Planning services of J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning in approximately 2013.  Their Firm handles all Planning related matters from entitlement applications, special projects and forward planning oversight.  J.B. Anderson provides a high level of knowledge, professionalism and represents the City well in that capacity. Their Firm is knowledgeable and experts in their field and have a propensity to go beyond the call of duty.  I would strongly recommend J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning for all land use planning needs.”


Jeff Gravel
Public Services Director
City of Oakdale Public Services Department

“The City of Lathrop has retained the professional consulting services of J. B. Anderson Land Use Planning for well over five years. They are a trusted team of professionals that provide outstanding planning services for various large and small private development projects and special municipal projects in the City of Lathrop year after year.”


Stephen J. Salvatore
City Manager
City of Lathrop

As a planner with the City of Riverbank, I can state from personal experience that the City has received excellent service while working with JB Anderson Land Use Planning on multiple and complex projects. From General Plan Updates to Annexations and Specific Plans to office staffing, they just cannot be beat. Our projects are well documented, meet budget, and many beat their deadlines. JB Anderson staff are pleasant, knowledgeable, and fit in well with our staff. Financially, they are very competitive. I am so pleased with our experience – this is the first and only testimonial I have ever written. I highly recommend that JB Anderson Land Use Planning be added to City RFP and RFQ lists.


Donna M. Kenney, AICP MCRP
Planning and Building Manager

City of Riverbank, California

“The City of Waterford retained J.B. Anderson Land Use Planning in 2013 and I have personally worked with them in Waterford and Turlock for over 20 years. Their knowledge and ability in all things planning have been exemplary.  They handle all day to day planning activities including permitting, environmental review, land use development, long range planning and public questions related to our zoning ordinance. Their customer service is excellent and have been a great asset to the City of Waterford. I would strongly recommend J.B. Anderson for planning needs.”


Michael Pitcock

City Manager
City of Waterford

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