Private Sector Planning


Securing essential project entitlements requires the processing of various applications including Annexation, Rezone, General Plan Amendments, Specific Plans, Tentative and Final Subdivision Maps. This process can be time-consuming and difficult to monitor; our firm can minimize delays and act as project manager handling all aspects of the project.


A thorough Due Diligence investigation provides the necessary information to make an educated decision on the feasibility of a project. These Due Diligence reports may include:


Many times our clients are aware of the reimbursements owed for master improvements installed, but local jurisdictions make the process of identification and tracking extremely difficult. Because we are involved with Due Diligence and Entitlement Processing, we can easily identify the process to ensure complete reimbursement for our clients. J. B. Anderson Land Use Planning takes pride in looking at every detail to minimize our client’s efforts in this process. Over the years, we have managed and secured millions of reimbursable dollars for our clients and look forward to putting our experience to work for you.